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Online Donations

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Cash/Check Donations

Please contact your local UCSC representative to make drop of arrangements for cash or check donations.

Please be sure to include your preferred day and time in the request.

For questions, concerns please contact.
Beth Watson
Phone: 713-500-3504

Drop off Locations

You may contact a member of the Educational Awards Committee in order to drop off a cash or check donation:




Felicia Davis UCT 600 713-500-3367
Gaudencio Arenas PPB 2.200 713-792-2890
Beth Watson UCT 780 713-500-3504
Tricia Hill-Thomas UPB 1100 713-500-7923
Tracy Maclin MSB 3.134 713-500-7359
Bethany Roachell UCT 150 713-500-3143
Stanley.J. Malbrough OCB 1230 713-486-8764
Dana White UPB 830 832-325-7702