Emotional Health Resources In The Age Of Coronavirus


Mental health counseling or psychiatric services

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Meditation & Mental Health Tools

Not all tools and programs work for each person. Here is a list of some of those we found to be most helpful.

Guided Meditation

Tibetan Meditation Videos by Dr. Alejandro Chaoul

Audio Meditation Guide by Robin Dickey, Ph.D.
Here are two audio files, prepared by Robin Dickey, Ph.D. from UTEAP, that can guide you throughout the day. One file is 10 min and the other file is 15 minutes of mindfulness and meditations.

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Articles & tips about coping with teleworking and anxiety

Healthy snacking tips for people working from home

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March 15, 2020

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March 16. 2020
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University of Colorado Health

Coronavirus anxiety: Why the outbreak feeds worries and five simple ways to reduce coronavirus anxiety
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March 9th, 2020