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Why Select UTEAP?

Our goal is to partner with our customers in retaining their valued employees and to maintain a healthy and productive workforce. UTEAP promises to always exceed your expectations for service and attention and that is why over 90% of all organizations who have selected UTEAP continue to work with us today. Need an EAP? 

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  • We are located in Houston, Texas and have been providing EAP services for over 25 years to employers throughout the United States.
  • UTEAP is affiliated with The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth), an academic health center in Houston, and as a result, is required to have a strong commitment to a medical model of service delivery. We are required to meet all medical compliance expectations of UTHealth for the provision of services.
  • Our extensive network of advanced degree professionals is available to serve employees throughout Texas and the United States. The network is credentialed based upon URAC* certification criteria. (*URAC is a non profit accreditation organization previously known as Utilization Review Accreditation Commission).
  • "the right solution from the first call" technology: ensures that your employees and their families are referred to an approved provider under your specific health benefit plan. This results in seamless continued care when needed and a cost effective solution for our members' problems.
  • We offer unlimited Leadership Consultation to support your supervisors and managers in policy and procedure development, confronting difficult workplace situations, and approaching troubled employees. Mandatory Referrals are also included in our service model at no additional cost.

As you begin working with our team, you will discover that the above are just a few of the reasons UTEAP quickly becomes a valued resource for you as an employer and for your employee families.

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