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In today’s ever changing world, individuals and their families are dealing with a multitude of problems. Alcohol/drug abuse, marital problems, parenting concerns, financial worries, stress, anxiety, and depression are just a few of the more common concerns facing today’s employees.  Any of these common concerns can have a drastic effect on an employee’s quality of life and job performance.

As a supervisor, the EAP can be a valuable tool when dealing with employees that have job performance problems.  This portion of the website is designed to provide information about the services available through the EAP and how to avoid common pitfalls when managing problem employees.


Always review with your Human Resource and/or Legal department any action you intend to take with an employee to ensure that you are following your organization's policies and procedures. In addition, your Human Resource Department MUST be involved in any Mandatory Referral made to UTEAP.

The information and materials available on this page are not meant as professional legal advice. While every effort has been made to ensure the content is correct, UTEAP makes no warranties in relation to the accuracy or completeness of this information.


Resources for Supervisors

Leadership Training
This training provides an overview of the EAP and outlines the various ways that UTEAP can assist supervisors, including consultation and mandatory referrals.
Note: The UTEAP Leadership Manual is needed for this training. If you do not have a copy of this manual, please download one by clicking the link below.

UTEAP Leadership Training
Note: please download the UTEAP Leadership Manual prior to starting this training.

UTEAP Leadership Manual

Monthly Supervisor Newsletter


Our staff will provide supportive suggestions and guidance to managers and supervisors in approaching difficult situations or confronting behavior and performance concerns.

When job performance problems surface, supervisors are encouraged to call our office and discuss methods to approach the troubled employee and confront the behavior or concern. Consultation with the EAP offers an opportunity to discuss various aspects of the behavior and to develop a "plan of action" that will result in change while ensuring that the action taken is not discriminating or harassing.

Consultations are confidential and can be provided via telephone. To consult with one of our therapists or Mandatory Referral Specialists, simply call (800) 346-3549 and ask for a Supervisor Consultation.

Note:  The consultation services provided by UTEAP are not intended to interfere with administrative or supervisory practices in your role as a supervisor.  The EAP may offer coaching and consulting help on managing a troubled employee, but it will not tell you what type of discipline to use or direct your managerial decisions.  For guidance in these areas, supervisors are encouraged to contact their Employee Relations and/or Human Resources departments.