Current Projects


Texas Fetal Center

The TFC is a web based application designed to capture data during fetoscopic-based fetal interventions and laser procedures for research, education and reporting by the staff of the Texas Center for Maternal and Fetal Treatment. The application is designed to work on the tablet platform, eliminating the need for workstations and/or laptops in the OR.

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Many dental schools, including UT Health, use the Axium Electronic Dental Record as their primary data source for teaching and student education. The Consortia of Oral Health Related Informatics (COHRI), comprised of members from many of the leading dental schools in US, would like to be able to use the data from the Axium Instances for research and quality improvement purposes.

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Identity Management

Collaboration in cyberspace often requires that various aspects of the identities of relying parties, both human and non-person entities, be explicitly known and trusted. This is indispensable when authentication, authorization, digital signatures, information integrity, individual accountability and privacy must dynamically occur across institutional boundaries and among numerous individuals and systems.

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Natural Language Processing

The goal of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) research project, led by Dr. Jorge Herskovic, is to design an automated process by which the free text in clinical notes can be effectively interpreted for the benefit of future discoveries, developing research hypothesis, and determining comparative effectiveness of specific treatments.

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The STEMI STAR-T project (ST Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction) is a registry project designed to capture heart attack related data from nationally standardized forms instituted by the cardiology associated CathPCI registry and the Action registry. The registry currently only tracks patients at UT Health. However, a new clinical trial is about to begin involving several emergency facilities throughout Texas.
The STEMI STAR-T database will be the collection point for all the facilities participating in this clinical trial. The FAST PCI trial will treat patients with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) using an experimental drug which aims to greatly reduce the mortality of STEMI patients.



The CTSA Biobank Consortium is automating biobank operations through the development of a custom prototype online software application commonly referred to as SLED (Sample Location and Enhancement Distribution).

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The enterprise Master Patient Index (eMPI) project was created as a means to reconcile duplicate patient data within and across institution databases.

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Shibboleth infrastructure allows users to authenticate at their local institution using their local credentials to securely access the centrally stored resources of a groups participating members.

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HCPC (Harris County Psychiatric Center)

The HCPC Manager requested a system wide database assessment to identify recommendations for eliminating duplicate data repositories, streamlining reporting capabilities and resolving security issues.

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