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Technical Dress Rehearsals are underway

Technical Dress Rehearsals are underway

In preparation for our EHR go-live, considerable time and effort have gone into planning, procuring, labeling, and placing devices (e.g., workstations, printers, scanners, phones).

Already underway and continuing through April, End Users Devices team members will conduct an activity known as Technical Dress Rehearsals (TDR) to test every workstation, printer, scanner, etc., to ensure its readiness for go-live.

For Revenue Cycle Management, given the current circumstances where some users are remote whereas others are on-site, the End Users Devices team has adopted a two-phase approach to effectively address the needs of Revenue Cycle Management along with other departments with similar needs:

  • In-person TDR – testers will be on-site sometime between Jan. 11-29 to execute the TDR and validate that all workstations and applicable peripherals are functional and meet the Epic specs.
  • Remote TDR – remote users will be given simple instructions on how to execute TDR remotely over the course of a four-week period (February 2021) and log their results on a portal.

The test will entail verification of system access since printing and scanning are out of scope for these users. The TDR has been planned carefully to limit disruptions to users’ routine work. Please extend patience and flexibility while technicians are present, and do not remove labels, unplug, or move any devices to ensure they will operate properly at go-live.

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