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UTH Share

Enabling PHI for UTH-Share

Requirements for Accessing UTH-Share

In order to access UTH-Share, you must have the following:

  1. A valid UTHealth ID and password
  2. Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Specify Your Account Type: PHI or non-PHI

In order to store PHI in UTH-Share, you must attest to certain security statements which will configure your account to secure PHI appropriately.  When you enable PHI access, you will no longer have access to the following Google services:

Enabling PHI 

Sign in to the UTH-Share Sign up Page

  1. Fill out the sign in form.
  2. When prompted, indicate that you want to enable PHI access by clicking on the Yes button. Then click the NEXT button. 
  3. Next, It will ask you if you have signed up for DUO.
  4. If Yes, you will arrive at a screen that acknowledges you have chosen a PHI account and ask you to attest.  If No, it will direct you to the page to set up DUO.
  5. The procedure has been completed. You are now set up with a UTH-Share account that is enabled for PHI access.