About Us

The Interactive Video Services is a division of the Office of Academic Technology. This group began work as a grant-supported activity in 1998 and is dedicated to implementing and expanding the use of Internet-based multimedia services in health education. We provide videoconferencing facilities, a web-based PC desktop collaboration system, and live and on-demand multimedia streaming for meetings, special events, grand rounds, and the curriculum.

We are available to help you with your video conferencing and/or streaming media needs. If you need to contact us to answer any questions related to our services, our information is below.

Interactive Video Services  / 713-500-5201

Stephen Fath, Ph.D. Medical School Stephen.J.Fath@uth.tmc.edu (713) 500-5202
Mederick Woods Medical School Mederick.D.Woods@uth.tmc.edu (713) 500-5206
Chad Self Medical School Charles.Self@uth.tmc.edu (713) 500-5244
Brian Duke UCT / IMM Brian.Duke@uth.tmc.edu (713) 500-3851
Bailey Taylor LBJ Bailey.Taylor@uth.tmc.edu (713) 566-5687
Whitney Anderson Cooley Life Center / SOD Whitney.J.Anderson@uth.tmc.edu (713) 500-8463

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