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Meet@UTHealth is a powerful collaboration tool powered by Acano™ and provided by UTHealth Communications Technology and Interactive Video Services. The system unites previously incompatible audio, video and web technologies to provide easy to use collaboration options for:

With Meet@UTHealth you can meet face-to-face with any device, hold compelling video meetings, engage your audience, save time and travel costs and collaborate on content. Using your UT Health credentials, you can host a meeting for participants using just about any communications tool you prefer. Anyone can be invited to join your event via the Google Chrome web browser, an iPhone/iPad app, Android device, a meeting room conference system, or a plain old telephone. You can host or join meetings anywhere and anytime as long as you have internet access.

To register for Meet@UTHealth; Click here

Please verify that the following information is included in your request.

To: Interactive Video Services

Subject: “Meet@UTHealth ID”

Your Name:

Your UTHealth User ID:

Your UTHealth E-Mail address:

Your Direct UTHealth Telephone Number:

How to use Meet@UTHealth

Telephone conferencing

Phone conference Number713-486-MEET / 713-486-6338

(Note: If you use an internal phone, do not use the area code)

       Call ID : 5005457 #

       Passcode:  NNNN #

Logging into your coSpace via desktop client

 1.    Download the desktop client

        PC client

        Mac client

 2.    Launch the client and log into the your coSpace


        Password:  Your UT password


Logging into your coSpace via Google Chrome or Firefox browser

1.    Goto

2.    Click on “Sign In” tab

       Username: (E.g.

       Password:  Your UTHealth password

Entering the coSpace 

(Once you have logged in successfully)

1.    Click on the coSpace button

2.    Click on the green button on the right of the page.

3.    Allow access for camera and microphone.

Invite guest into your coSpsace

Use Google Chrome to access

       (NNN = Your Call ID)

       (NNNN = Your Passcode) 


Use Google Chrome to access

1.    Click on the Join call tab

2.    Enter the Call ID

3.    Provide name

4.    Passcode


Meet@UTHealth: User Documentation

Meet@UTHealth (Condensed User Guide)

Meet@UTHealth (Full User Guide)




Webcasting is “broadcasting” over the Internet. Webcasts may be presented “live” or “on demand”. Higher & lower webcast resolution options are available. Please inquire about available broadcast locations and webcast options. There is currently no fee for this service.

Offered to UT Health faculty, staff and students requesting Video Webcast / Video Capture for V.I.P. and larger events, classes, and Medical School Grand Rounds to be accessed by means of the UT Health Video on Demand website (departmental approval required).  Video webcast/capture location is dependent on estimated number of attendees (in event location).

 5 – 7 day advance notification / departmental authorization required.


"Room-Based" Videoconferencing


Room-Based Videoconferencing (also known as a video teleconferencing) is a set of interactive video communication technologies which allow two or more specific “Room-based” videoconferencing locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously. Computer screen sharing and additional telephone connectivity are also options upon request. This service is offered to UT Health faculty, staff and students requiring room-based Video conferencing for meetings, seminars, and classes; for larger groups of meeting attendees.

Please contact Interactive Video Services to inquire about specific UT Health established “Room-based” videoconferencing locations and “Room-based” videoconference options. “Room-based” videoconferencing locations are dependent on estimated number of attendees (in requester‘s meeting location). There is currently no fee for this service.

5 – 7 day advance notification / departmental authorization required.


If you require a user friendly, alternate (user managed) Videoconferencing set up; please register for a Meet@UTHealth account (above). This newly implemented (audio / video) collaboration tool is the standard, connection method for future videoconferencing requests.

Currently there is a 24 – 48 hour initial setup timeframe for new Meet@UTHealth user account requests. Once a Meet@UTHealth account has been established, recurring videoconference set-ups can easily be set-up and managed by the registered Meet@UTHealth user.