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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Mental Health Services Classified Job Titles that Require Additional Reference Checks

Definition: A mental health services provider is a person who provides or purports to provide mental health services, which are assessment, diagnosis, treatment, or counseling in a professional relationship to assist an individual or group in alleviating mental or emotional illness, symptoms, condition, or disorders, including alcohol or drug addiction; understanding conscious or subconscious motivations, resolving emotional, attitudinal, or relationship conflicts, or modifying feelings, attitudes, or behaviors that interfere with effective emotional, social, or intellectual functioning.

All nursing titles except 1085 hospital aide; 1011 Coord, Psych. Clinical Care Act; 1017 Nurse Anesthetist; 1019 Nursing Supervisor; 1025 Professional Nurse Practitioner; 1028 Clinical Nurse Specialist; 1030 Head Nurse; 1032 Nursing Care Coordinator; 1035 Senior Research Nurse; 1037 Research Nurse; 1056 Senior Staff Nurse; 1058 Staff Nurse; 1072 Vocational Nurse II; 1073 Vocational Nurse I.

All Therapy titles except 1221 Physical Therapist, 1297, 1298, 1299 Audiologist I, II, III 1231 Occupational Therapy Supv. 1232 Occupational Therapist 1237 Occupational Therapist Asst 1239 Occupational Therapy Aide 1240 Recreational Therapy Supv 1241 Recreational Therapist 1277 Music Therapist 1291 Therapeutic Activities Specialist; 1325 Utilization Review Coordinator.

All Social Service titles except 1533, 1534 health education coordinator I, II and 1551 case aide 1510 Social Work Supervisor 1518 Senior Social Worker 1520 Social Worker 1544 Genetic Counselor 1550 Senior Case Aide 1565 Mgr, Empl Assistance Prog Adm 1567 Empl. Assistance Prog. Admin 1570 Empl. Assistance Prog. Coord 1575 Mgr, Assessment & Referral 1577 Assessment & Referral Spec 1578 Counselor II 1579 Counselor I 1590 Chaplain II 1591 Chaplain I

All testing and counseling titles 3121 Psychologist 3122 Psychological Associate II 3123 Psychological Associate I 3127 Counseling Specialist.

Updated 3/00