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Handbook of Operating Procedures

What's New

Revised Policies

HOOP 2, Campus Security

Changes have been made to comply with the Clery Act. 

HOOP 85, Controlled Access Status for Emergency, Disaster or Severe Weather

Changes have been made to clarify the procedures for emergency, disaster or severe weather in light of the university's experience wit Hurricane Harvey and to comply with the Clery Act.  Additional provisions have also been added regarding pay for essential personnel during periods of controlled access.

HOOP 87, Reporting Criminal Activity to Campus Police

Changes have been made to comply with Clery Act requirements, especially related to Campus Security Authorities and others’ obligations to report.

HOOP 141, Emergency Management and Business Continuity Plans

Changes have been made to clarify the procedures for emergency management and business continuity, particularly in light of Hurricane Harvey. Revisions include provisions about UTHealth text alert procedures and ride out teams. Additional changes have been made to comply with the Clery Act and to be consistent with HOOP 85.

HOOP 173, Substance Abuse

Changes have been proposed to comply with UTS 102 and the Clery Act.

Updated: October 17, 2018