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Handbook of Operating Procedures

New Policy Development Process

  1. Any member of the university community may suggest the need for a new policy to the Policy Coordinator.
  2. Responsible department determines need for new university policy. Responsible office completes the Policy/Procedure Proposal and Stakeholder Review Plan and drafts the proposed policy using the Policy/Procedure Template. Responsible office routes the completed plan and policy to the responsible executive for approval. If approved, the plan and policy are submitted to the Policy Coordinator.
  3. The Policy Coordinator will distribute the plan and proposed policy to the HOOP Review Committee ("Committee") for review and approval. The Committee will develop a timeline for the approval process for the proposed policy. The Committee is authorized to deny a proposal for a new policy.
  4. The Policy Coordinator will distribute the proposed policy to the university community for review as indicated in the approved plan. Input received from the university community will be forwarded by the Policy Coordinator to the responsible executive.
  5. The responsible executive will review input from the university community and incorporate into the proposed policy as appropriate. The final draft will be submitted to the Committee for review and approval.
  6. If approved, the proposed policy will be submitted to the Executive Council for review and approval. Final approval for a new policy must be given by The University of Texas System Vice Chancellor and General Counsel and the Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs.

If you have any questions, contact the Office of Legal Affairs via email or via telephone at 713-500-3268