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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Policy Revision

  1. Any member of the university community may suggest revisions to a policy by contacting the listed responsible office or by contacting the Policy Coordinator.
  2. Responsible office submits draft in congressional style to the Policy Coordinator. (The Track Changes feature on Microsoft Word will automatically provide this style.)
  3. The Policy Coordinator will determine if the revision is significant. A revision is significant if there is a change in the scope or application of a policy or procedure that has a significant impact on daily operations, responsibilities, procedures or expectations for one or more key university communities. 
  4. Significant revisions must be approved by the responsible executive and submitted to the HOOP Review Committee ("Committee") along with a completed and approved Policy/Procedure Proposal and Stakeholder Review Plan. The Policy Coordinator will submit the completed documents to the Committee for review and approval.
  5. If the revisions are not significant, the Policy Coordinator will make and document the changes as soon as possible.
  6. Significant revisions will be distributed to the appropriate university community members in accordance with the approved Policy/Procedure Proposal and Stakeholder Review Plan by the Policy Coordinator.
  7. The Policy Coordinator will forward any input from university community members to the responsible executive who may incorporate the input as necessary into the policy draft.
  8. The responsible executive will forward the final draft to the Policy Coordinator who will submit the policy for review and approval to the Committee. If the Committee approves the revised policy, it will be submitted to the Executive Council for review and approval. Final approval must be given by The University of Texas System Vice Chancellor and General Counsel and the Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs.

Policy Maintenance

  1. The Policy Coordinator will forward policies scheduled for review to the responsible executive three months in advance of the next scheduled review date indicated on the policy. The Policy Coordinator will provide comments on the policy and any potential revisions to the responsible executive.
  2. The responsible executive, or designee(s), will review the policy to determine if any revisions are necessary.
  3. If significant revisions are necessary, the revisions will be reviewed and approved in accordance with steps 3, 5, 6 and 7 listed under the Policy Revisions section above.
  4. If the revisions are not significant, the Policy Coordinator will make and document the changes as soon as possible.
  5. If no revisions are necessary, the Policy Coordinator will adjust the next scheduled review date.

If you have any questions, contact the Office of Legal Affairs via email or via telephone at 713-500-3268.