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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Fundraising by Third Parties to Benefit the University

Policy Number: 215


Fundraising events and initiatives held by third parties to benefit the University


Efforts by third parties who are not part of the University to support the University by raising money via events or other fundraising initiatives.  Refer to HOOP 172, Marketing the University Through Sponsorships, for information about University sponsorship of third party events.

Date Reviewed:
April 2021
Responsible Office:
Office of Development
Responsible Executive:
Vice President for Development


Any third party wishing to host a fundraising event or execute a fundraising initiative to benefit The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (“University”) must obtain the approval of the Office of Development (“OD”) and must abide by all applicable University policies and procedures.

Third party fundraising efforts held to benefit the University may not result in any cost or expense to the University, including any use of University resources, facilities or employees.  The University will not release its mailing or employee lists to, or send mailings on behalf of, third party organizers for the purpose of third party events or fundraising initiatives held to benefit the University.

In general, University employees may not participate during their work hours in third party events or fundraising initiatives held to benefit the University, including such things as the promotion or planning of the event or initiative, sale of event tickets, solicitation of event sponsorships or in-kind donations, solicitations of volunteers and/or participants, or sale of merchandise to benefit the University.  However, acceptable participation may include a speaking engagement or other participation as a recognized content expert in a subject related to the third party event or fundraiser. 

University employees may not utilize University resources to participate in third party events or fundraising initiatives held to benefit the University, except as delineated in HOOP 172, Marketing the University through Sponsorships.

The University will not be held legally responsible for any act incurred by the organizer(s) of a third party event or fundraising initiative held to benefit the University including, but not restricted to, personal injury or death; damage to, theft of, or loss of personal, private or community property; or provision of trophies, monetary prizes or other gift items advertised by the organizer(s).  The third party shall be required to indemnify the University against any such acts or claims deriving from such acts.  

Fundraisers involving raffle sales, prior drawings and gambling are prohibited.    


Third party:  Any non-University entity or person who is not a University employee that wishes to raise funds to benefit the University. 


The third party event/initiative organizer must complete and sign the Third Party Proposal Form and submit it to the OD at least 12 weeks prior to the start date of the event/initiative.  Drafts of promotional materials must be submitted at least eight weeks prior to the start date of the event/initiative.    

The OD is responsible for evaluating all third party fundraising events and projects held to financially benefit the University to ensure that fundraising activities are consistent with the University’s strategic priorities and compatible with other philanthropic initiatives.  The OD has the right to approve or deny an application for any such event.

Detailed procedures and requirements for third party fundraising events or initiatives held to benefit the University are contained on the OD website.


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