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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Budgetary Environment

Policy Number: 1




Budgeted Funds

Date Reviewed:
November 2014
Responsible Office:
Budget and Financial Reporting
Responsible Executive:
Senior Vice President, Finance and Business Services


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (“University”) is publicly funded and derives its financial resources for operational costs in support of its institutional mission from several sources: legislative appropriations from the State of Texas; funds generated by various service providers; federal and other contract and grant funds; contract, grant, and gift funds from private sources and donors; and funds generated from auxiliary enterprises. The uses made of all these funds must be recognized in several budgeting processes.

As a state agency, The University of Texas is appropriated funds by the State Legislature on a biennial basis and therefore must prepare a Legislative Appropriations Request every other year. The University must also prepare annual operating budget requests each fiscal year that include budgetary plans for legislative appropriations as well as other fund sources. The fiscal year of the University is from September 1 of one year through August 31 of the following year.

State funds cannot exceed the total legislative appropriation, estimated locally generated revenues and estimated reserves from prior years.

All other budgeted funds are contingent upon estimated revenues from such sources as patient fees, federal contract and grant awards, private donations and fees generated through auxiliary enterprises or within service departments.

For detailed information regarding allocation and uses of all budgeted funds, refer to the Budget Instructions.


    • Budget and Financial Reporting
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