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Handbook of Operating Procedures


Policy Number: 7


University Recycling Program


All Employees

Date Reviewed:
January 2019
Responsible Office:
Facilities, Planning and Engineering
Responsible Executive:
Vice President, Facilities, Planning and Engineering


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("University") and the State of Texas are committed to protecting the quality of the environment for present and future generations and to preserving the earth's natural resources. To achieve these goals and to comply with state mandates, the University has established an active recycling program to reduce the amount of solid waste the University generates, and to encourage the procurement of recycled, recyclable and energy-efficient products.


Facilities, Planning and Engineering oversees and coordinates the University's recycling program on an institution-wide basis, establishes and oversees contractual agreements or other arrangements with buyers of recyclable materials, and establishes procedures for transferring recyclable materials from a central building location for pick up by the recycling agent. Facilities, Planning and Engineering evaluates compliance with UTS 169 regarding the amount of material recycled and modifies the program as necessary to ensure recyclable materials are effectively and practicably recycled.

It is the responsibility of the Purchasing Department to give preference in purchasing to products made of recycled materials if the products meet applicable specifications as to quantity and quality and guidelines established by Texas Procurement and Support Services (for more information, contact the Purchasing Department).