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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Use of the University Name, Logo or Seal

Policy Number: 8


Appropriate use of the University's name, logo or seal


All employees and trainees (including students, residents and fellows)

Date Reviewed:
August 2018
Responsible Office:
Office of Public Affairs
Responsible Executive:
Vice President, Development and Public Affairs


The name, logo and seal of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("University") and its short name, UTHealth, are registered trademarks and cannot be used unless authorized. Employees, trainees, departments, schools, and centers representing the University in an official capacity and University sponsored organizations are authorized, upon appropriate approvals, to use the name and logo in any activity that is directly in support of the University's mission areas of teaching, research, patient care or community service. This also applies to logos of each school. Use of the University’s name and logo by registered student organizations is further addressed in HOOP 110, Student Organizations

University employees and trainees may not use the University’s name, logo or seal in a way that might place the University in a position of endorsing, or appearing to endorse, a particular product, service or entity.


A. Use of Name, Logo or Seal

The University's official seal may not be used on merchandise or other items of any kind. Use of the seal is restricted to official documents such as diplomas and transcripts, and may not be used without written approval from the Office of the President or Office of Public Affairs.

Use of the name, logo and any representation of the University on merchandise offered for sale or resale or to be given away is expressly prohibited without written authorization of the Office of Public Affairs in advance of order placement.  Requests should fully describe the requested use, merchandise and purpose.

Once approved, the purchase order should be issued to a licensed vendor. In order to place the University's logo or name on merchandise for sale, resale or as a gift, the vendor producing such merchandise must be licensed through The University of Texas System Trademark Licensing Office. All net trademark royalty income received by the University for sales of products bearing its trademark are set aside for scholarship programs.

Use of the name and logo on items other than merchandise must be approved by the Office of Public Affairs. This includes use on items such as websites, stationery, marketing materials, banners, table drapes and print collateral. The logo may not be placed next to another institution’s or organization’s logo without written approval from the Office of Public Affairs.

It is the responsibility of the individual employee or trainee to ensure that merchandise or other representations with which she or he is associated including, but not limited to, shirts, caps, cups, stationery, business cards, signage and any other graphic representation of University activities, conform to the University's Graphic Standards and to this policy.

B. Use of Logo or Name in Connection with a Third Party

When an employee is involved in activities that are not part of his or her official University position (e.g., outside consulting), use of the University's name is limited to identification of the employee’s affiliation with the University only, and no other trademarks , including logos, may be used. If an employee identifies himself or herself as a member of the faculty or staff of the University, he or she must clearly state that the opinions expressed are his or her own and not those of the University. See HOOP 5, Communications with the Media

Vendors that have done work for the University may list the University’s name on websites or in other promotional materials as part of a customer list.  However, vendors may not use the University’s logo without express permission from the Office of Public Affairs.

On occasion, a vendor may request a testimonial or statement regarding a product or service that the vendor has provided to the University for use in promotional materials.  Such testimonials or statements are strongly discouraged.  If provided, they must be strictly factual in nature and avoid the use of any language that implies University endorsement of any product or service.  Any testimonials or statements provided to a vendor for this purpose must be approved by the Office of Public Affairs and the Office of Legal Affairs.

C. Publications and Other Communications

Use of the University’s name and logo in publications and other communication materials must comply with the requirements of HOOP 116, Editorial, Graphic, Web and Signage Standards and HOOP 35, Publication of Professional Literature or Newsletters.  Use of the name and logo on University-sponsored social media must comply with HOOP 219, Use of Social Media.

D. Other Uses

Any other use of the University’s name, logo or seal must be approved by the Office of Public Affairs and the Office of Legal Affairs.


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    • 713-500-3268
    • Office of Public Affairs
    • 713-500-3050