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Handbook of Operating Procedures


Policy Number: 15


New employee orientation


New employees, including faculty and fellows with non-paid appointments

Date Reviewed:
June 2020
Responsible Office:
Human Resources
Responsible Executive:
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer


In order to ensure that all new employees receive important and required information pertaining to their employment, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("University") requires all new employees to complete orientation upon commencement of their employment. For the purposes of this policy, employees include full time, part time, casual, temporary and summer hires who are classified, administrative and professional, faculty or fellows. Additionally, faculty and fellows with non-paid appointments are required to complete an orientation requirement. Orientation for faculty and fellows with non-paid appointments must include, at a minimum, training on sexual harassment, equal employment opportunities and discrimination, standards of conduct, and HIPAA.  Employees in a student title are not required to complete orientation.

Employees who will be working in settings where potentially hazardous chemical, biological or radiological agents may be encountered must complete a specialized safety training session delivered by Environmental Health and Safety.

Individuals who previously worked for the University and who return to employment within 90 days of their termination date do not have to complete orientation. Benefits eligible employees who return within 90 days should contact the Benefits Office to re-enroll in insurance and retirement benefits..

During the first week of employment, supervisors or their designees should conduct a departmental onboarding with each new employee. The supervisor or designee should provide specific information to include job content, performance and safety standards, working conditions, development opportunities, and any other matters of operational importance needed to orient and integrate the employee into the University.


Supervisors and Human Resources (HR) are charged with ensuring that all new employees attend orientation or complete the on-line orientation training module, when appropriate. Upon completion of the pre-employment process, an HR representative will schedule a new employee to attend the one day orientation and/or assign the on-line orientation training module, when appropriate.


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