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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Transfer of Faculty

Policy Number: 45


Faculty transfers


Faculty Members

Date Reviewed:
December 2014
Responsible Office:
Office of the Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer
Responsible Executive:
Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer


Faculty may transfer to another school within The University of Texas Health Science Center (“university”) in accordance with this policy.

A tenured faculty member who transfers from one school to another according to this policy will retain his/her tenure, which is granted by the university.

A non-tenured faculty member who transfers from one school to another must negotiate with the new dean and the new school’s Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee (“APT Committee”) eligibility for the appropriate track in the new school.

Regardless of tenure, the rank of the transferring faculty member may or may not be retained after the transfer. The transferring faculty member must negotiate with the new dean and the new school’s APT Committee for the determination of rank in the new school.  


The individual faculty member is responsible for assembling the appropriate documents to effect the transfer process and for forwarding them to the dean of his or her current primary appointment for handling.

To initiate a transfer of a salaried faculty member from one school to another, the faculty member should confer with the deans of both the “releasing” school and the “gaining” school to obtain approval of the transfer. The transfer must be approved by the deans of both the “releasing” school and the “gaining” school.  If agreement is reached, the dean of the "releasing" school will forward the following documents to the dean of the "gaining" school along with a letter approving the transfer. The individual faculty member and/or the relevant current chairperson is responsible for providing the “releasing” dean with the following information:

  • a letter detailing the current academic rank and track, annual salary rate and tenure status of the faculty member;
  • a curriculum vitae, including a list of publications and current funding, and any other biographical information he/she feels is pertinent; and
  • an official transcript from the academic institution that awarded the faculty member’s terminal degree and copies of any relevant state or national certifications. To be considered official, the transcript should be sent directly from the “releasing” school to the “gaining” school without involvement of the faculty member.

The "gaining" dean should submit the proposed rank and track and the faculty member’s credentials to the APT Committee of his/her school for the purpose of evaluating the proposed rank and track in the school based upon the faculty member’s qualifications and the school’s criteria.

The APT Committee can recommend acceptance of a tenured faculty member with the same rank or with a different rank, but not below the rank of assistant professor. If the APT Committee recommends a rank lower than that currently held, the faculty member will be counseled regarding the criteria necessary for promotion to the desired rank by the “gaining” department chair or administrative equivalent and/or the dean.  Any change to the rank of a tenure track faculty member, whether tenured or not, must be recommended by the “gaining” dean to the University APT Committee to develop a recommendation to the President, who will make the final decision.

If a non-tenured faculty member transfers to a new school, he/she may be considered for tenure by the normal process at the “gaining” school and within the normal school and university timelines.

Once approved, the deans should jointly notify the Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer of the transfer and the recommended rank and track of the faculty member in the “gaining” school.  Once the transfer has been approved by both deans, the dean of the  "gaining" unit will initiate a Personnel Action ("PA") to effect the transfer .


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