Policy Number: 55

Student Immunizations and Health Records


Required immunizations and health screenings



Date Reviewed: February 2014

Responsible Office: Student Health Services

Responsible Executive: Director, Student Health Services


All students registering at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("university") are required to furnish an immunization record signed by a health care provider.


A.  Bacterial Meningitis

All entering students, as defined below, must show proof of vaccination against bacterial meningitis.  The vaccination must have been administered within five years of, and no later than ten days prior to, the first day of the semester.     

For the purpose of the bacterial meningitis vaccine requirement only, “entering student” means any student admitted to the university on or after January 1, 2012 for the first time; including a transfer student from any other institution including another institution within The University of Texas System, a dual enrollment student, or a returning student who previously attended the university and who is re-enrolling on or after January 1, 2012 following a break in enrollment of at least one fall or spring semester. For purposes of this policy, the term entering student does not include:

“Online or other distance education course” as used above means a course in which students receive web-based instruction or a correspondence course.  A course that requires any face-to-face contact, such as meeting in a testing lab or for a special presentation, is not an “online or other distance education course.”

B.  Other Immunizations

The following immunizations and screening tests are required for all students:

C.  Exemptions

Certain exemptions are allowed from required immunizations. These exemptions apply to an accepted student who submits to Student Health Services:

D.  Cost

Individuals who have been offered admission to the university must assume the full cost of the immunizations prior to receiving student status.

E.  Registration Hold

A hold is automatically placed on an applicant’s record at the time an application for admission is submitted. If admitted to the university, this hold will block registration. Student Health Services will release all immunization holds after proof of immunizations is satisfied. Student Health Services may place a hold on a student’s record at any time if a student fails to comply with the requirements of this policy.


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Student Health Clinic 713-500-5171 http://www.uthouston.edu/studenthealth/index.htm

Appropriate School's Office of 
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