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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Applications or Proposals for Sponsored Project Funds

Policy Number: 64


Applications or proposals for sponsored project funds



Date Reviewed:
November 2012
Responsible Office:
Sponsored Projects Administration
Responsible Executive:
Sr. Vice President, Finance and Business Services


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("university") actively promotes research as one of its primary missions.  The pursuit of external sources of funds to support research and other activities through sponsored projects is one of the most important efforts of the faculty and staff of the university.

The determination of appropriate sponsored project efforts resides with individual faculty members, departmental chairs, and deans. The determination of the technical merit of a solicitation is the responsibility of the sponsoring department and the appropriate dean. Faculty, staff and students are allowed to identify potential sponsors for sponsored project activities.

The university provides assistance in the business and administrative aspects of grant and contract proposals through the Sponsored Projects Administration ("SPA"), which facilitates the submission of contract and grant applications and determines the accuracy of the business and administrative aspects of the applications. SPA is responsible for ensuring all proposals are submitted in accordance with the requirements of the sponsor and conform to university policies and The University of Texas System Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations.  As defined in HOOP 203, the Office of Institutional Advancement is responsible for all proposals to foundations and other entities that do not have established grant programs.

Sponsored project contracts and/or sponsored project grant applications may not be submitted by a university employee (faculty, staff, administrative and professional), student, or resident through any route other than SPA.


All monetary grant applications and contracts/agreements processed by SPA require a completed institutional Review and Approval Form. Non-monetary grant applications and contracts/agreements except Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) require a Non-Monetary Review and Approval Form.

After a proposal for a contract or grant from government agencies, industry, foundations, or other private granting agencies is initiated by a university faculty member (or other appropriate official who will direct the work) and approved by designated administrative officials, it must be submitted to SPA for review and processing. Facilities, equipment, or other resources of the university may not be used in the project by the faculty member (or other appropriate official who will direct the work) until the contract is executed or the award accepted by the designated administrative official.

SPA is required to review and approve the administrative and financial portions of all applications prior to submission.  SPA requests the administrative and financial portions of the application and the completed Review and Approval Form, including the appropriate conflict of interest statements, be submitted to SPA ten (10) working days prior to the sponsor deadline.  Applications that are submitted less than ten (10) working days prior to the sponsor deadline will be reviewed in the order in which they were received.  

The guidelines and/or instructions provided or required by the proposed sponsor must also be submitted to SPA with the application package.


    • Office of Sponsored Projects
    • 713-500-3999