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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Accountability and Responsibility for State Property

Policy Number: 84


Safeguarding of university property



Date Reviewed:
April 2021
Responsible Office:
Capital Assets Management
Responsible Executive:
Vice President, Finance and Business Services


The University of Texas Health Science Center ("University") strives to protect the property within its care. University employees who fail to safeguard University property in accordance with University policy are subject to disciplinary action, including termination.

The Chief Financial Officer, or designee, is the property manager for the University.  The manager of Capital Assets Management (“CAM”) is responsible for maintaining inventory records.

Department chairs or administrative equivalents are designated property officers, and as such are responsible for all University property in their care and for performing the annual physical inventory at the time and in the manner prescribed by the manager of CAM. This responsibility of the chairs and administrative heads may not be delegated.


The Information Handbook for State Property Accounting Responsibility, published by CAM, contains the policies and procedures of the University mandated for the fulfillment of state property accounting responsibilities. The policies and procedures described in the Information Handbook apply to all state property, regardless of cost or source of funding for the property.

CAM records any missing, stolen, or damaged equipment and reports on it annually.

An online class on University equipment policies and procedures is offered through CAM. Employees who order equipment or are responsible for equipment are encouraged to take the class.