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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Access to Employee Records

Policy Number: 102


Access to employee records



Date Reviewed:
January 2022
Responsible Office:
Human Resources; Records Management Systems and Services
Responsible Executive:
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer; Vice President and Chief Information Officer


Individual departments, schools and Records Management Systems and Services (“RMSS”) are responsible for maintaining employment-related records (e.g., applications, resumes, reference check information, appointment letters, and benefits information). Departments/schools are also responsible for maintaining job-related records for each employee as necessary (e.g., licensures, job descriptions, informal disciplinary memos, and other pertinent documentation). Each department will maintain a separate record for any medical related information, which must be stored in a secure location.

Information within an employee record may be subject to disclosure by the University under the Texas Public Information Act, including home address and telephone number. (Refer to HOOP Policy 132 Handling Requests for Public Information and HOOP Policy 181 Records Management Program). Employees have the right to elect to keep certain information private by completing a Public Access Option Form available through Human Resources.


A. External Request: Employment Verification 

External requests for employment verifications concerning current and former employees must be directed to Human Resources.

B. Review of Employee Record by Current and Former Employees

Current employees who wish to review their departmental employee records should contact their supervisors. Each department is responsible for the release of departmental employee records to current employees. Former employees should be directed to Human Resources.

Human Resources is responsible for the release of institutional employee record information maintained in RMSS and will process and record all requests for disclosure that are submitted from current and former employees. Current and former employees who wish to review their institutional employee records must contact the Chief Human Resources Officer, who will arrange a mutually convenient time at which the records may be reviewed. A cost for copying employee records may be assessed. Payment must be made in cash.

To the extent applicable, requests to access employee records will be handled in accordance with HOOP Policy 132 Handling Requests for Public Information.

C. Review of Employee Records by Others

Requests from external third parties to review employee records must be made in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act. Refer to HOOP Policy 132 Handling Requests for Public Information.

Only employees with a need to know may access employee records other than their own. Departments will determine access for departmental records. Human Resources will determine access for records maintained in RMSS.

D. Retention of Records

Please refer to the Record Retention Schedule for instructions on maintaining employee records.


    • Human Resources
    • 713-500-3130
    • Records Management Systems and Services
    • 713-500-8508
    • Office of Legal Affairs (questions regarding the Texas Public Information Act)
    • 713-500-3268