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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Student Loan Collections

Policy Number: 121


Collection of student loans



Date Reviewed:
February 2019
Responsible Office:
Student Financial Services
Responsible Executive:
Senior Vice President, Finance and Business Services and Chief Financial Officer


The University of Texas Health Science Center ("University"), through the Office of Student Financial Services, strives to collect student loans in compliance with applicable federal regulations and program guidelines.


All students receiving financial assistance from the University are required to have an exit interview with the Office of Student Financial Services prior to graduation, withdrawal, dismissal, or when dropping to a less than half-time status. A hold is placed on students’ academic records until completion of the exit interview and execution of all required documents. The hold prevents the release of transcripts, diplomas, and registration. Students are notified of the hold and of the requirement to complete the exit interview by the Office of Student Financial Services.

Exit interviews can be conducted either in person or on-line. A Student/borrower can request personal counseling after completing the on-line exit interview, if he/she has unanswered questions regarding repayment of their loan.

Graduating students must complete the exit interview in its entirety no later than ten (10) days prior to their graduation date.

Upon completion of the exit interview and execution of all required documents, academic record holds will be released.

Repayment of institutional loans begins at the end of the applicable grace period and continues in accordance with the terms of the promissory note(s) signed by the student/borrower. When a loan has been repaid in full, and verified as such in University records, the original promissory note is stamped “paid” and mailed to the student/borrower.

Students/borrowers who fail to repay their loans in accordance with the terms of their promissory note(s) are referred to a commercial collection agency for collection of the outstanding debt. If the collection agency is unable to obtain payment, the loan is then referred to the University of Texas System’s Office of General Counsel for litigation. If the debt remains outstanding after litigation, federal loan(s) are submitted or assigned to the governing agency or program for collection.


    • Student Financial Services
    • 713-500-3300