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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Administrative and Professional and Classified Employee Job Classifications

Policy Number: 150


Employee job classifications


Employees, Students

Date Reviewed:
March 2009
Responsible Office:
Human Resources; Office of the Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer
Responsible Executive:
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer; Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer


Within The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (“university”), those executive and professional employees whose letters of appointment state they serve at the discretion and pleasure of the President or his or her designee are referred to as administrative and professional (“A&P”) employees. These employees hold positions that involve developing and implementing high-level academic and management policies, and the positions require of the incumbents professional compatibility with the executive leadership of the university and/or its operating units.

The A&P classification is subdivided into academic A&P and management A&P based on the nature of the position's responsibilities and the credentials required of the incumbent.

An employee appointed to an academic A&P position must hold a faculty appointment in conjunction with the administrative appointment; academic credentials are essential for the position. Job responsibilities are primarily of an academic nature, and these positions normally are located organizationally within the academic leadership structure of a school or other academic unit. The titles of academic A&P positions most often incorporate the nomenclature of assistant/associate dean or department chair.

Management A&P employees hold senior positions as heads or business managers of an operating unit, a department, or division/program within a department. The principal defining characteristic of a management A&P position is the incumbent's role in policy development and implementation that requires the continuing confidence of the President or his or her designee. These positions are typically one organizational level below the positions of President, Executive Vice President, Vice President, Dean, or Chief Administrator of The University of Texas Harris County Psychiatric Center, and rarely more than two levels below.

All classified employees will be classified on the basis of responsibility of work to be performed. Standardized job titles, job codes, and salary ranges have been established in the Classified Pay Plan to provide external competitiveness and internal equity for each classified position.


Human Resources (“HR”) is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining job classifications in the Management A&P Pay Plan and the Classified Pay Plan. Standardized job descriptions and salary ranges are developed for each job classification. Salary ranges are established to be both internally equitable and externally competitive. Department heads, deans and administrative officers involved in the process of determining classifications for their areas should use classifications that properly reflect the level of responsibility of the work to be performed.

A supervisor may not change the duties and responsibilities of a job that would change the position's classification without prior administrative approval. If a position appears to be classified incorrectly, the supervisor should contact HR for their assistance. Participation and eligibility for benefit programs are determined by the type of appointment and the percentage of time appointed.

Questions concerning any classifications currently in use or being considered should be directed to HR -Compensation Services.


    • Human Resources - Compensation Services
    • 713-500-3130
    • Office of the Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer
    • 713-500-3062