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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Financial Reporting

Policy Number: 151


Annual financial statements



Date Reviewed:
May 2021
Responsible Office:
Accounting and Budget
Responsible Executive:
Senior Vice President, Finance and Business Services, and Chief Financial Officer


The annual financial statements of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (“University”) are prepared according to generally accepted accounting principles, State Comptroller’s reporting requirements, and The University of Texas System reporting guidelines.

Accounting and Budget has direct responsibility for the establishment of efficient and effective internal controls over the preparation of the annual financial report. Heads of departments and functions are responsible for the approval of accounting records and for establishing internal controls to ensure that funds are expended and recorded appropriately.

Other external financial reports are prepared in formats dictated by the funding entity. Internal reports reflecting current financial status are periodically distributed through the Accounting Department.

Any reports that reflect the financial status of the University will be disseminated both internally and externally only through the auspices of the Office of the Senior Vice President, Finance and Business Services, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).


A. Production and Review of Financial Reports

All institutional financial statements and reports (both recurring and non-recurring) are distributed through the Office of the CFO.

It is the responsibility of each operating unit head to ensure the completion of the required monthly review and validation procedures, as applicable, for his or her cost centers.  Guidance on the review and validation process can be found on the Finance website

Semi-annually, each operating unit head will provide a certification to the CFO that the unit’s accounts are fairly represented and that they contain no false information or omissions of information that would materially affect their accuracy. Additionally, he or she will certify that significant deficiencies in the design or operation of internal controls as well as all known frauds have been appropriately reported and addressed. Guidance on the certification process can be found here.

B. Requests for Financial Reports

Financial information may be requested by a number of organizations that, while external to the University, are in some way related to the University or one of its units. These report requests must be directed to the Office of the CFO, who will determine the appropriateness of the request, assign responsibility to the appropriate area for accurate and timely report preparation, and verify the dissemination of the report to the requesting entity.


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