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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Marketing the University through Sponsorships

Policy Number: 172


Financial support of external community organizations.


Employees and trainees (including students, residents and fellows). Individual or departmental expenditures for participating in external organization events must be approved and processed under HOOP Policy 12 Official Function Expenditures.

Date Reviewed:
February 2019
Responsible Office:
Office of Development
Responsible Executive:
Vice President, Development and Public Affairs


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("University") receives numerous requests from external community organizations for financial support. In some cases, it is important for marketing and visibility purposes for the University to participate in activities that financially benefit external organizations. This can be accomplished through the purchase of tickets or a table at external events which are then used for University personnel or volunteers to represent the University at the event. It is essential that the University wisely and strategically invest its limited resources in such a way that it stays within and advances its mission.

The President has charged the Office of Development with coordinating the University's support of designated external community organizations, activities and events. Principal support will be directed to those major external community events and activities that are in keeping with the University's mission and vision. The University will also support, from time to time, external community events and activities that are in keeping with its commitment to be a good citizen and constituent of society.

Individual tickets may be purchased with appropriate funds as described below. However, units, schools and individual departments should coordinate requests for sponsorship with the Office of Development to ensure the appropriate level of representation at the event.

Only authorized representatives of the University may expend University discretionary funds for these purposes. In this context, "authorized" is defined as having fiduciary responsibility for discretionary accounts that are used for these purposes. Endowment funds may not be used for these purposes. Gift accounts which are general in nature may be used for this purpose as long as the event is related to the purpose of the gift. Use of gift accounts for these purposes is subject to monitoring.


The Office of Development will recommend an annual University budget for the participation in, and support of, external community, educational and fund raising events.

An ad hoc committee will be convened by the Office of Development to review requests for support which will utilize the University budget. A department submitting a request for sponsorship of a table must submit a completed and approved Prior Approval for Sponsorship of Community Events form. Any request without proper paperwork attached will be sent back to the requesting department, which could delay payment.

The ad hoc committee will evaluate each request according to a set of criteria that includes the University's mission and vision, marketing and community relations goals, limited resources and priorities.

Where it is appropriate, the Office of Development will seek co-sponsorship by several offices.

Upon final approval of the ad hoc committee, the Office of Development will process the request for payment as appropriate.

The Office of Development will coordinate the appropriate attribution for publicity and the allocation of internal charges.

The allocation of seats will be handled by the appropriate office or individual that has been designated as institutional host/coordinator for the community event or activity.

The Office of Development will coordinate all correspondence with the external organization regarding support or non-support of that organization's fund raising event.


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