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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Purchase of Consultant Services

Policy Number: 196


Consulting services



Date Reviewed:
April 2021
Responsible Office:
Procurement Services
Responsible Executive:
Assistant Vice President, Procurement


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("University") will award all consultant contracts in accordance with the provisions of all applicable laws, regulations, rules, policies and procedures of the State of Texas, The University of Texas System, and the University. Consulting service is defined as the service of studying or advising a state agency under a contract that does not involve the traditional relationship of employer and employee.  See Texas Government Code § 2254.021(1), §§2254.021-.040 and Texas Attorney General Opinions Nos. H-1173 (1978), JM-282 (1984), JM-376 (1985), and DM-184 (1992).  

Any requests for services that may be considered consulting services must be reviewed and approved by Procurement Services.


Departments requiring consulting services should provide documentation of the scope of work to be performed and the anticipated costs to Procurement Services for its review. The head of Procurement Services will review requests for consultant contracts prior to initiating the appropriate process.

Consultant contracts that are in excess of, or anticipated to be in excess of, $50,000 per fiscal year require a minimum of 90 days of processing time prior to the anticipated start of the contract, should a formal bid be required. The department requesting the consulting services must allow sufficient time for processing and must provide complete and accurate information to Procurement Services.


    • Procurement Services
    • 713-500-4700