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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Eligibility for Rehire

Policy Number: 231


Eligibility for rehire determination for former University employees


Classified and Management A&P Employees

Date Reviewed:
November 2023
Responsible Office:
Human Resources
Responsible Executive:
Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (“University”) welcomes back former employees who left in good standing with the University. The University, in compliance with applicable federal laws and regulations, strives to maintain an environment free from discrimination. See HOOP 183, Non-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment and Equal Opportunity


A. General Rule

Former employees, including those who resigned voluntarily, retired, or were subject to a reduction-in-force, are eligible for rehire unless:

(i) the former employee was terminated for misconduct/misbehavior (Refer to HOOP 187, Discipline and Dismissal of Classified Employees; HOOP 153, Termination of Termination of Employment: Administrative and Professional, HOOP 109, Standards of Conduct)*;

(ii) the former employee was terminated for cause from the University more than once;

(iii) the former employee resigned in lieu of termination when the reason for the planned action was misconduct/misbehavior; or

(iv) the former employee has otherwise been deemed ineligible for rehire by the University.

*A former employee who was terminated for cause other than misconduct/misbehavior may be eligible for rehire if a period of twelve months has passed since the termination.

B. Considerations in Determining Rehire Eligibility

Human Resources may consider the following factors in determining rehire eligibility.  (This list is not exhaustive.)  

  1. Documentation of reason(s) for termination or planned termination from the University.
  2. Work history while employed at the University.
  3. Satisfactory completion of all steps in the pre-employment process.
  4. Responsibilities of last position with the University.
  5. Type of position being sought.

C. Reference Checks

If the applicant has previously worked for the University, it is the hiring manager’s responsibility to check references with the applicant’s previous supervisor and any other references provided by the applicant before making a hiring decision.  The hiring manager should contact Human Resources for assistance in determining appropriate previous supervisor information and for information about previous terminations. It is the hiring manager’s responsibility to inform the applicant that references will be checked.


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