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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Renovations and Installation of Equipment

Policy Number: 210


Renovations and installation of equipment


Faculty, Staff and Students

Date Reviewed:
March 2019
Responsible Office:
Facilities, Planning and Engineering; Auxiliary Enterprises
Responsible Executive:
Vice President of Facilities, Planning and Engineering; Vice President and Chief Auxiliary Enterprises Officer


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (“university”) is committed to ensuring that construction and renovation projects at the university are performed in compliance with applicable building codes while reducing the risk of damage to facilities and injury of occupants. To achieve these objectives, Facilities, Planning and Engineering (“FPE”) shall manage or approve all renovation projects, except for projects involving properties, buildings or other facilities managed by Auxiliary Enterprises.  Auxiliary Enterprises will manage its own projects.  Each of Auxiliary Enterprises and FPE will be responsible for code compliance in its respective buildings.  


Renovation:  For the purpose of this policy, renovation means a mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural or egress modification to an existing facility.  Renovation includes installation of fixed equipment that requires mechanical, electrical and/or plumbing connections or any equipment that produces a heat load that will affect air conditioning requirements.


FPE must be contacted for evaluation and written approval before a consultant or contractor is hired to perform a renovation project involving any property, building or facility managed by FPE. Requests for renovations shall be made by contacting the FPE help desk (713-500-3498) or the Facilities Project Management Office. 

Auxiliary Enterprises shall manage its own projects using in-house staff, outside contractors and/or working with FPE as appropriate. Requests for renovations of properties, buildings or facilities managed by Auxiliary Enterprises shall be made by contacting Auxiliary Enterprises at 713-500-8400.


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