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Providing free resources to educators and families across Texas and beyond

Providing free resources to educators and families across Texas and beyond

Improving a child’s early learning environment can pave the way for greater success at school and in life, and the Children’s Learning Institute at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston offers a free collection of materials through CLI Engage to help ensure this solid foundation.

A virtual platform, CLI Engage provides effective student screening and progress monitoring tools which deliver critical information for supporting students’ learning needs. The program, geared for children ages zero to six, also offers educational activities and professional development materials—all at no cost to the schools or families.

“When I am at national conferences, education experts and researchers from other states are amazed by what a powerful resource CLI Engage is,” says Tricia A. Zucker, PhD.

Today, the platform serves more than 255,000 children annually thanks to supporters like the Elkins Foundation, M. W. Kellogg Foundation, and The George Foundation.

“There are few other platforms like this that bring together such a comprehensive collection of online learning resources for educators to build their professional knowledge, assess student learning, and support family engagement,” Zucker says. “The fact that a comprehensive suite of resources is housed within one platform allows us to widely disseminate a rich array of tools with the potential to have major impacts on children’s outcomes.”

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