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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Performance Management for Management A&P, General A&P and Classified Employees

Policy Number: 25


Performance management and annual appraisal


All benefits-eligible Management Administrative and Professional (“Management A&P”), General Administrative and Professional (“General A&P”) and Classified employees 

Date Reviewed:
August 2016
Responsible Office:
Human Resources; Office of the Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer
Responsible Executive:
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer; Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer


Performance management is an on-going process consisting of managers’ regular feedback to employees and an annual performance appraisal. The goals of performance management and appraisals are to assist employees in aligning individual goals with institutional goals, guide employees to focus behavior on key actions that will positively affect institutional outcomes, provide continual communication and support, and foster a discussion of development opportunities.

All non-probationary, benefits eligible employees of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("University"), regardless of classification and appointment time, must receive annual performance appraisals. Persons in a casual, temporary, or part-time non-benefits eligible appointment status are not required by this policy to receive performance reviews, unless review is required by external accrediting agencies. Persons employed in positions that require student status as a condition of employment do not receive performance reviews. These positions include graduate student assistants and tutors. 

Postdoctoral research fellows are reviewed in accordance with HOOP 122, Postdoctoral Research Fellows. Faculty are reviewed according to a specific method and schedule described in HOOP Policy 111, Faculty Review. Academic administrators are reviewed according to HOOP Policy 184, Evaluation of Academic Administrators.

General A&P employees are reviewed by their departments. Appraisals of general A&P employees will be conducted on the same schedule as faculty reviews and focus on the employee’s accomplishments and objectives for the past year as well as measurable objectives for the upcoming year.  Objectives requiring compliance with University policies, procedures and work rules must be included in the appraisal. 

The annual performance appraisal will be used for the improvement of performance, promotion consideration and merit salary review. This appraisal will further provide an opportunity for employees to work with their supervisors to receive guidance regarding performance planning, development opportunities, coaching, reviewing and rewarding (where appropriate).


All personnel will be appraised on an annual basis using the University's approved performance appraisal forms and processes. The approved evaluation tools for classified and Management A&P employees are located on the Human Resources Website. .

All performance appraisals must be job-related and completed in accordance with the University’s policy on equal opportunity (HOOP 183, Non-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, and Equal Opportunity). Performance appraisals must be objective-based with measurable objectives and goals. Objectives requiring compliance with University policies, procedures and work rules must be included in all appraisal tools. All appraisals must comply with equal opportunity criteria. Questions regarding the appropriateness of classified and management A&P appraisals should be referred to Human Resources - Employee Relations. Questions regarding faculty and academic and general A&P appraisals should be referred to the Office of the Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer.

Documentation justifying each overall performance rating should be completed and supported within the performance appraisal. Requests for salary increases should be consistent with the most recent performance evaluation.

For information on performance planning, coaching, reviewing, and rewarding, refer to the Human Resources Performance Management Website. This site provides information and training for all areas of the review process.


    • Human Resources (classified and management administrative and professional)
    • 713-500-3130
    • Office of the Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer (faculty, academic A&P, and general A&P)
    • 713-500-3062