Policy Number: 46

Endowed/Named Positions


Endowed and/or named positions


Faculty Members

Date Reviewed: February 2008

Responsible Office: Academic and Research Affairs and Advancement Services

Responsible Executive: Executive Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs; Vice President, Institutional Advancement


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("university") considers the process of naming incumbents to endowed or named positions a high institutional priority. The members of the faculty who are named to such positions represent the highest academic, research and service standards of the university

Individuals who are considered for endowed or named chairs, professorships or fellowships must be eligible for or hold the rank of professor at the university, have a record of exemplary performance in those areas of activity that are vital to the academic environment and mission of the university, and meet the donor's criteria for the chair or professorship consistent with the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System (Board of Regents). The President may establish additional criteria for a particular position as long as the criteria remain consistent with the donor's intent and the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents.

The Executive Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs ("EVPARA") is responsible for guiding this process at the behest of the President and he/she will maintain a file of all endowed chairs/professorships, including the purpose and any qualifications and restrictions designated by the donor, and their incumbents. The EVPARA will be responsible for assuring compliance with the university s policies on all such appointments.

The detailed procedures regarding selection and appointment are found on the Office of Academic Affairs website.


A. Terms of Appointment

All appointments to endowed or named professorships and endowed chairs will be renewable five-year term appointments. The faculty and administration of each school with endowed positions will establish procedures for making recommendations to the President for the continued appointment of individuals holding endowed or honorific positions. The procedures must be approved by the EVPARA.

  1. Regular review will be conducted during the fifth year of appointment. The school will conduct a review before the fifth year if requested by the President or the EVPARA.
  2. The recommendation of the school will be forwarded to the President through the EVPARA. The President will determine whether the individual is to continue in the endowed or honorific position and will notify the individual of the decision.

Appointment to an endowed or named position is separate from appointment to the faculty. A decision to award tenure to the current or prospective holder of an endowed or named position affects only the regular faculty appointment; it does not imply a commitment for continuance in the endowed or named position.

Honorific titles must be relinquished upon the holder's leaving the university, retirement, assumption of less than full-time appointment, or stepping down from an academic administrator position of which the title is linked to the administrative position (e.g., department chair). However, other specific provisions are possible with agreement of the relevant dean, the EVPARA, and the President. The dean or institute director must inform the EVPARA when the holder relinquishes or becomes ineligible to hold the endowed position.

B. Fiscal and Record-Keeping Procedures

Subject to conditions or restrictions required by the donor(s) and consistent with the Board of Regents Rules and Regulations, Series 60202, Section 3, distributions from the endowment may be used to supplement the salary of the candidate who is selected to hold the position and to provide professional support for the position. Endowment distributions may not be used to supplant any other source of funds for payment of the base salary of a holder who is performing regular faculty duties.

Signature authority for expenditure accounts for endowed or named positions will be given only to the holder. The EVPARA will have signature authority for unfilled positions for recruiting purposes only in accordance with guidelines of the Board of Regents.

Holders must maintain records of all financial activity in the endowment account. Expenditures must support donor intent. The Office of Institutional Advancement monitors endowment accounts to determine if expenditures support the endowment’s purpose. Funds must be spent on a regular basis and not accumulated without a specific spending plan by the holder. An accumulation occurs when the endowment account has available funds exceeding two years’ worth of distributions. The accumulation of large balances in the endowment account should be based on sound academic/research plans reviewed and approved by the President or his/her designated representative.

As a condition of continued appointment, all holders of endowed or named professorships/chairs will submit an annual report through the department chair and dean or institute director to the EVPARA. This report will consist of two parts: 1) a brief accounting of how the funds associated with the position were used during the preceding fiscal year and (2) a report of activities/accomplishments in the preceding year.


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