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Endowment Appointment Process

The Faculty Endowment Process begins at the point when the Office of Development has submitted the Gift Agreement Memorandum to UT System for approval.

Step I – Approved New Endowment

  1. Endowment and Donor Relations Officer in Development receives endowment approval from UT System.
  2. Development Office sends copy of Board of Regents’ “Summary of Approval,” together with a copy of the gift agreement, to the Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer (EVPCAO) and the Development Officer in the appropriate School/Institute.

Step II – Holder Recommendation and Approval (First Time and Replacing Holders)

  1. After completion of the peer-review process, the Dean or Institute Director submits recommendation letter (Sample Recommendation Letter) for endowed position to the EVPCAO for review and recommendation to the President for approval.
  2. EVPCAO returns a copy of the approved recommendation to the Dean or Institute Director and to the Development Office.
  3. The School or Institute will prepare an “Endowment Holder Request for Budget Change (RBC) Appointment Letter” (Sample RBC Letter) with an effective date based on RBC Cut-Off Schedule prepared by Human Resources System Data Resources.
  4. The RBC letter must include the following financial information for the holder: Holder Name, Title, Base Salary with all additive salary, and HRMS Department ID.
    • School/Institute contacts Holder to discuss salary details.
    • School/Institute contacts HR Compensation to create/modify Holder’s Job Code.
      HR Compensation requires the following information:
      • Title (long and short versions, with the short version limited to 30 characters)
      • Effective Date (should match RBC Letter and PA)
      • Title to whom this position will report
      • Reimbursement Type (faculty or academic A&P)
      • Classification – faculty or academic A&P (not necessarily same as reimbursement type)
    • School/Institute begins preparation of Personnel Action Request (PA) for SDR.
  5. The School or Institute will submit to the EVPCAO the completed Endowment Holder RBC Appointment letter with Dean or Director’s signature/approval. EVPCAO will then forward to President for signature/approval.
  6. In conjunction with the completed RBC letter, the School or Institute must submit the electronic Personnel Action Request (PA) to SDR.

Step III – RBC and Personnel Action Request (First Time and Replacing Holders)

  1. EVPCAO receives approved Endowment Holder RBC Appointment Letter from President.
  2. Original approved Endowment Holder RBC Appointment Letter is forwarded to SDR with copies to EVPCAO, Development Office, and Dean or Institute Director.
  3. Upon receipt of the approved Endowment Holder RBC Appointment Letter and the PA, SDR prepares the electronic RBC and submits to UT System for approval. (NOTE:  SDR must receive both the approved RBC letter and Personnel Action Request before the electronic RBC will be sent to UT System for approval.)
  4. Upon RBC approval by System, SDR enters PA submitted by the School/Institute and sends copy of approved RBC to EVPCAO office. EVPCAO notifies the Dean or Institute Director and the Development Office when System approval is received.
  5. Upon entry of the PA, SDR will notify the Post Award Finance Team (PAF) of any FMS changes regarding PI or department code for endowment account.

Step IV – First Time and Replacing Holder Notification

  1. EVPCAO prepares congratulatory letter to Holder from President. EVPCAO sends original signed congratulatory letter to Development for processing to the appointed Holder. The Development Office sends the Holder a complete packet which includes the following:
  2. The Development Office distributes copies of the congratulatory letter to the offices of the EVP and Chief Academic Officer, Dean or Institute Director,Holder’s Department Chair, Public Affairs, and Human Resources System Data Resources.