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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Student Services

Policy Number: 60


Student support programs, services and activities



Date Reviewed:
May 2015
Responsible Office:
Office of the Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer and Auxiliary Enterprises
Responsible Executive:
Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer and Vice President of Auxiliary Enterprises


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("university") seeks to provide student support programs, services and activities to its students designed to promote student learning, enhance the development of students, and that are appropriate in a predominantly upper-level graduate and professional school environment. In determining whether to create, maintain or cease a particular service to students, the university will first and foremost consider the academic and student life needs of the greater student body and will solicit and consider student recommendations in policy decisions about student support services.

Student support services include, but are not limited to: (1) the offices of the Registrar, Bursar and Student Financial Services; (2) university housing, bookstores, food service and shuttle services; (3) disability accommodations (as described in HOOP 101, Disability Accommodation), (4) libraries, and (5) Student Health and Counseling Services.  Student activities include: (1) the recreation center and intramural sports; (2) student organizations (see HOOP Policy 110 - Employee or Student Organizations), including student governance organizations; and (3) academic advising, tutoring, mentoring and career services within each school.


A. Customer Satisfaction Efforts

The university regularly assesses student support programs, services and activities and periodically surveys all students on a variety of student life issues, particularly satisfaction with provided services.

Survey results will be provided to the Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer and the Vice President of Auxiliary Enterprises, who will facilitate discussion between the student body and university leaders to support strategic planning activities, resolve identified issues and/or plan institutional responses.

The Student InterCouncil ("SIC") is the primary student liaison for resolving student satisfaction issues, although university agents work with all student groups as appropriate.  The Student Services Council, with representation from all areas of student support programs, services and activities, also serves as a forum for ongoing assessment and improvement.

B. Student Involvement with Service Providers

When existing contracts with external vendors of services to students are under review or new vendor selection processes are conducted, the university will include students in the review/selection process. Students will participate as full members of selection/review committees.

Auxiliary Enterprises will utilize the SIC in an advisory capacity.  The performance of providers of services to students will be the primary emphasis of SIC involvement.  The SIC will also promote involvement by the student body at large to review the performance of providers.

Auxiliary Enterprises will arrange periodic meetings or forums with contractors for food, vending, bookstore and shuttle services to provide students with a reasonable opportunity to discuss the performance of the service provider. All food, vending, bookstore and shuttle service contracts will include a commitment by the vendor to attend these types of meetings.



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