Office of Academic Affairs and Student Success

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth), through the Office of Academic Affairs & Student Success, administers an online Student Perception Survey every two years as a means to assess student satisfaction across the realm of available central student services. The broad categories assessed in this survey include:


 Auxiliary Enterprises

 Bursar’s Office

Educational Technology Applications

 Office of International Affairs Office of the Registrar

 Safety, Health, Environment, and Risk Management (SHERM)

 Student Counseling Services

 Student Financial Services

 Student Health Services

 TMC Library

 University of Texas Police at Houston (UTP-H)

Results are disseminated to all appropriate executive leadership, administrative and academic departments. The departments then disperse the information to others in their unit, as they see fit. Overall, the UTHealth Student Perception Survey is a vital tool providing essential big-picture information about student experiences with campus services, as well as important individual data that can provide foundational data to guide business decisions.