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UTHealth Houston Celebrates 50 Years

Working Together Since 1972 to Solve the Greatest Health Challenges of Our Time

In 1972, the medical comedy-drama “M*A*S*H” made its debut on TV. There were only 12 paramedic units in the world. Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” permeated the radio waves. NASA officially launched its space shuttle program, and the first scientific pocket calculator was introduced.

That same year marked the beginning of UTHealth Houston and its mission focused on training the next generation of health professionals, advancing scientific discovery, and improving health in Houston, across Texas, and beyond.

Since The University of Texas System established Houston’s health university 50 years ago, visionary leaders with a pioneering spirit have leveraged the collective talent within our six schools, building upon practices, programs, and inventions that were considered state-of-the-art in 1972.

As the many faces of UTHealth Houston, we have trained almost 50,000 health professionals. We have added to the world’s paramedic units with a hospital-based air ambulance service and the country’s first mobile stroke unit. We have advanced cardiac care for patients at every stage of life — from babies still in the womb to older adults — and have contributed to the advancement of space medicine through unique research opportunities with NASA. Today, technology extends well beyond the capabilities of a pocket calculator, with our faculty at the forefront of big data, apps, and other high technology designed to propel health care forward.

These are just a few of the extraordinary accomplishments our learners and our leaders, our many faces at UTHealth Houston, have achieved in the last 50 years. As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we invite you to share your memories and look forward with us to a future as one of the nation’s most comprehensive academic health centers.