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Patient Safety Program



Caregiver Innovations to Reduce Harm in Neonatal Intensive Care

A four-year, $4 million project that is building collaboration among bedside clinicians and parents and training them to reduce all causes of preventable NICU harms by 50% (funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality).

March of Dimes/Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital Center on Perinatal Patient Safety

Developing a new perinatal safety culture toolkit and testing new ways to measure and improve safety culture.

Electronic Health Record Safety

Working to overcome the current barriers to improving EHR-related safety and establish EHR safety best practices, by developing and implementing a pilot set of framework-based measures in key EHR risk areas.

The Texas Disclosure and Compensation Study: Best Practices for Improving Safety

Identified ways to use the medical error disclosure process to communicate with patients, and learn from their experiences, to improve safety. This project also began pioneering work to measure the long-term emotional impacts of errors on patients and family members (funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality).