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Gaining Equity in Training for Public

Health Informatics and Technology

Student Engagement

Our Student Engagement

Our program is designed to engage and empower students interested in the field of public health informatics. Through a series of bootcamps, internships, and professional development, participants will have the opportunity to develop practical skills, network with professionals in the field, and enhance their understanding of the role of informatics in public health.

Explore our website to learn more about our program objectives, engagement activities, application process, and how you can get involved. We look forward to welcoming you to our community of public health informatics enthusiasts!

Hear about their experiences!

Participating in the GET PHIT Bootcamp and Internship

Whether you are a student looking to gain valuable skills and experience, or a professional seeking to expand your knowledge, our program offers something for everyone.

Join us in exploring the intersection of public health and informatics, and discover how you can make a difference in the health and well-being of communities around the world.

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Student Stories Unveiled

headshot of Fernanda Barcenas

“Very good experience with my host site and with the PHIT internship personnel. Communication was very easy and the experience was above expectations.”
- Fernanda Barcenas
“I think everything was fantastic. I had a great experience! I had an amazing time at DSHS. My site preceptor, Raphael Cohen was such kind person. He always made me feel included and always helped me with anything I asked for. I would love for him to get some recognition for the work he's put in with me and also with the agency.”
- Syed Ali
headshot of Syed Ali
headshot of Rejoice Akujuaobi

“It was worth it and please do not stop impacting knowledge to students.”
- Rejoice Akujuaobi

A quick glance

Participating in GET PHIT Initiatives will help students develop valuable skills in public health informatics, provide hands-on experiences, professional growth by providing opportunities to apply their knowledge in real-world settings and develop a deeper understanding of public health informatics, and students can contribute to public health efforts, making a positive impact on communities and populations. Participation in GET PHIT Initiatives can be a valuable and rewarding experience for students interested in public health informatics.

Students placed and completed GET PHIT Internships
Students have successfully completed a GET PHIT Bootcamp
Incumbent Professionals completing at least one professional development course


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