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Type of endowment: Endowed Special Funds

Adrien and Gladys Drouilhet Visiting Professorship in Ophthalmology

Established September 11, 2000
McGovern Medical School

Alfred and Elizabeth Nelson Geriatric and Palliative Medicine Endowment Fund

Established February 4, 2015
McGovern Medical School

Allen F. Gaw, DDS Endowment

Established January 15, 2016
School of Dentistry

Amelia McCarthy Memorial Fund for Dr. Walter Henry Scherer

Established September 24, 1960
School of Dentistry

Anna Steinberger, MD Student Support Programs Fund at McGovern Medical School

Established October 9, 2023
McGovern Medical School

Anne and Don Fizer Foundation Endowment for Depression Research

Established February 10, 2017
McGovern Medical School

Arlo Weltge, MD and Janet Macheledt, MD Emergency Medicine Endowment

Established July 31, 2012
McGovern Medical School

Arnett Center Endowment Fund

Established February 11, 2015
McGovern Medical School

Ashley Miller Wolf Endowed Teaching Fund

Established December 13, 2007
McGovern Medical School

Atilla Ertan, MD Research and Education Endowment

Established January 17, 2020
McGovern Medical School

Aurelia Murphy Killian Endowment in Public Health

Established February 7, 2018
School of Public Health

Barbara Dominguez Camp Phever Fund

Established May 11, 2018
McGovern Medical School

Barbara J. Gibbs Partnership Fund

Established August 23, 2017
McGovern Medical School

Barry and Sherry Wallace Fund for Cardiovascular Research

Established January 28, 2016
McGovern Medical School

Bernard and Gloria Pepper Katz Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Fund

Established June 1, 2021
School of Dentistry

Beth and Drew Cozby Endowed Fund

Established April 1, 2019
McGovern Medical School

Bettie Collins and Helene Collins Sprong Fund

Established April 12, 1984
McGovern Medical School

Bridges Family Excellence Fund in Informatics

Established January 30, 2019
McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics

Bridges Family Nursing Excellence Fund

Established February 9, 2017
Cizik School of Nursing

Cancer Answers Endowment Fund

Established May 23, 2019
MD Anderson UTHealth Houston Graduate School

Carl D. Bloom DMD and Elizabeth S. Bloom, MD Safety and Wellness Endowment

Established May 9, 2018
School of Dentistry

Carlos E. Nasjleti, DDS Endowment Fund For Periodontal Research

Established March 18, 1996
School of Dentistry

Carlos R. Hamilton, Jr., MD Endowed President's Excellence Fund

Established December 1, 2008
General Administration

Carrie M. Horne and Family Pediatric Dermatology Research Fund

Established October 6, 2017
McGovern Medical School

Center for Outcome Study and Program Evaluation in Mental Health

Established March 27, 1997
Harris County Psychiatric Center

Clare A. Glassell Family Pediatric Surgery Research Fund

Established May 2, 2016
McGovern Medical School

Claude L. Nabers, DDS, MSD and Blanche Eaton Nabers Visiting Professorship in Periodontics

Established August 29, 2008
School of Dentistry

D. Bradley McWilliams Research Fund

Established August 16, 2023
McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics

D. Dudley and Judy White Oldham Research Fund

Established October 17, 2016
McGovern Medical School

Dan L Duncan Children's Neurodevelopmental Clinic Endowment

Established February 26, 2018
McGovern Medical School

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