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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Eligibility for Promotion or Transfer - Classified Employees

Policy Number: 156


Internal movement for classified employees


Classified employees who hold a regular appointment (see HOOP 17, Appointment Status)

Date Reviewed:
September 2018
Responsible Office:
Human Resources
Responsible Executive:
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer


Employees at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (“University”) are encouraged to develop their skills and seek advancement opportunities.  In filling positions at the University, consideration may be given, whenever possible, to qualified persons currently employed at the University, with factors such as education and experience taken into consideration.  When a position becomes available within a department, employees within the department should be notified by their management team. Employees are encouraged to express interest in positions for which they believe they are qualified and must apply for open positions online at


Promotion:  A promotion occurs when an employee moves to a position with a greater pay range midpoint.    A promotion may occur within the employee’s current department or when an employee moves to a different department.

Transfer:  A transfer occurs when an employee moves to a different position with the same pay range midpoint or a lower pay range midpoint than their current position.  For purposes of this policy, a transfer may occur within the employee’s current department or when an employee moves to a different department.


A. Eligibility for Promotion or Transfer

To be eligible for promotion or transfer, an employee must:

  • have successfully completed a six month probationary period in accordance with HOOP Policy 152, Probationary Period - Classified Employees within the employee’s current University service;
  • have been rated at least “Fully Meets Expectations” on the employee’s last annual performance evaluation or retained during the employee’s probationary period, if no annual performance review has yet become due.
  • meet the educational and experience qualifications for the position;
  • must not have been subject to formal disciplinary action per HOOP Policy 187, Discipline and Dismissal of Classified Employees within six months of the application date; and
  • must not have received a formal written reprimand or Performance Improvement Plan within six months of the application date.

It is the responsibility of the hiring manager to request a copy of the internal applicant’s last performance evaluation from the applicant.

Internal applicants who are eligible for transfer or promotion will be given consideration for any posted position for which they apply and qualify.

B. References

The hiring managers should check references with the final candidate’s current supervisor and any other references provided by the final candidate.  It is the hiring manager’s responsibility to inform the final candidate that references will be checked.

Internal transfer candidates must provide a minimum of two individuals who can provide a reference.  One of the two references must be their current supervisor.

C. Compensation for Transfer or Promotions

Human Resources will provide salary guidance to the hiring manager or designee for an internal final candidate for a transfer who meets the minimum educational and experience requirements of the job or for an identified employee who will be promoted.  

D. Job Offers to Internal Candidates

Human Resources will extend the job offer to the final candidate.  Job offers are not valid unless extended by Human Resources.

E. Notice

If an employee accepts a job offer in a new department, the employee must give at least two weeks of notice to their current department.  Exceptions to this requirement must be mutually agreed upon by both the hiring and current manager.  All background checks must be completed prior to the move.  See HOOP 160, Criminal Background Checks.

F. Effective Date of Transfer or Promotion

Transfers or promotions can only be made effective at the beginning of a pay period.

G. Compensatory or Overtime Balance

If an employee in a salaried, non-exempt position is accepted for transfer to another department, any compensatory or overtime balance will follow the employee. 

The hiring department is responsible for submitting the personnel action form to the System Data Resources Team to effect the employee’s transfer and/or promotion.

H. Probationary Period

A classified employee accepted for a transfer or promotion to another department will be subject to a three month probationary period.  See HOOP Policy 152, Probationary Period – Classified Employees.

A classified employee promoted or transferred within the current department is not subject to a new probationary period. See HOOP Policy 152, Probationary Period – Classified Employees. For purposes of this policy, a department is defined using the department codes in the financial management system. A change in any of the first six digits of this eight-digit number indicates a department change.


    • Human Resources
    • 713-500-3130