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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Special Use Facilities

Policy Number: 211


Reservation and Use of Special Use Facilities


Anyone who uses special use facilities.

Date Reviewed:
November 2023
Responsible Office:
Auxiliary Services
Responsible Executive:
Vice President of Facilities and Auxiliary Services


The following facilities at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (“University”) have been designated by the President as Special Use Facilities in accordance with Rule 80106 of The University of Texas System Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations.

  • Denton A. Cooley, M.D. and Ralph C. Cooley, D.D.S. University Life Center
  • Robertson Auditorium, Sarofim Research Building
  • Discovery Hall, Sarofim Research Building
  • Recreation Center

Designation as a Special Use Facility shall not constitute the facility as a public facility or forum that is open to use by individuals, groups, associations, or corporations on a first-come, first-served basis. All use of Special Use Facilities is subject to the discretion of and approval by the Vice President and Chief Auxiliary ServicesOfficer.

Subject to all constitutional and statutory provisions relating to the use of State property or funds for religious or political purposes, the Special Use Facility may be made available for religious and political conferences or conventions.

The use of University facilities other than Special Use Facilities is governed by HOOP Policy 11 Use of University Facilities.


A.   Users

1.   Priority in the reservation and use of Special Use Facilities shall be given to programs and activities of the University that are in furtherance of and related to the educational, research, outreach, service, cultural, and recreational programs of the University.

2.   As a lower priority, individuals, groups, associations, or corporations, without the necessity of joint sponsorship by the University, may reserve and use Special Use Facilities provided that the activity is consistent with the University’s mission, is approved by the President or designee, and conforms to the requirements in this policy.

 B.   Requirements

 1.   Rates must be charged for the use of the Special Use Facility that, at a minimum, ensure recovery of that part of the operating cost of the facility attributable directly or indirectly to such use. If the user, including a University user, charges those attending an event any admission or registration fee, or accepts donations from those in attendance, the user must make a complete account of all such funds collected and of the actual cost of the event. If the funds collected exceed the actual cost of the event, the user shall remit such excess funds to the University as an additional charge for the use of the Special Use Facility.

2.   Any and all users of Special Use Facilities must compensate the University for any and all additional expenses incurred by the University as a result of the use of facilities by such users, including, without limitation, any and all additional utilities fees, cleanup and maintenance costs, and salaries for additional law enforcement, security or support personnel. The University may engage additional law enforcement, security or support personnel in its sole discretion in connection with any use of facilities. Such expenses shall be invoiced to such users, and such users must agree to pay for such expenses prior to the use of University facilities. Any and all users of University facilities must execute any and all documentation required by the University in its sole discretion regarding use of facilities, and the University may revoke its permission for such use of facilities if the prospective facility user fails to execute documentation required by the University.

3.   Any rental of space for display of advertising and the display of samples of merchandise in designated areas inside or outside the Special Use Facility must be approved by the President or designee.

4.   The non-University user or university user having non-university attendees shall indemnify, compensate and hold harmless the University and its personnel, as well as The University of Texas System and its Regents, for any claims, losses, damages or expenses arising from the use of the Special Use Facility, including any such claims, losses, damages or expenses claimed by third-party visitors, except to the extent such items arise from the gross negligence or willful misconduct of the University and its personnel.

5.   The non-University user or university user having non-university attendees shall provide a certificate of insurance satisfactory to the University evidencing its provision of adequate insurance for the event in question, and such insurance shall list the University as an additional insured and provide a waiver of subrogation in favor of the University. If a certificate of insurance is not available or satisfactory, a policy will be purchased by the university and paid by the user. 

6.   If any alcohol is served at the event in question, the user shall notify the University. Non-University users shall be solely responsible for procuring any and all necessary licenses (including without limitation licenses from the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission) relating to such alcohol service, and Liquor Liability Insurance in accordance with section II.B.4 above.  All users must follow any and all University regulations relating to alcohol service (see HOOP 9, Alcoholic Beverages), including without limitation those set forth below:

  • alcoholic beverages must not be served to underage persons;
  • efforts must be made to regulate the serving of alcohol;
  • alcoholic beverages must not be served to intoxicated persons;
  • non-alcoholic beverages must be provided at all events and food is provided where possible;
  • alcoholic beverages may not be served at any event for more than three hours in the course of any event, nor later than 10 p.m.; and,
  • alcoholic beverages may not be served during the usual working hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

University police personnel must be engaged for and in attendance at any events in which alcohol is served, and the non-University user must compensate the University for wages and expenses for such personnel.

7.   The user shall execute any and all documentation relating to the foregoing as required by the University in its sole discretion, including, without limitation, a Facilities Use Agreement.

8.   Individuals who are on any property or in any building or facility owned or controlled by the University and/or The University of Texas System may not refuse to identify themselves in response to a request from any official of the University including, without limitation, administrative, law enforcement or security personnel.

9. In compliance with federal law, the university is required to report certain information pertaining to crimes and offenses on campus.  See HOOP 87, Reporting Criminal Activity to Campus Police.  Accordingly, users of university facilities are required to promptly report any crimes or offenses occurring during the use of university facilities to UT Police – Houston at 713-792-2890.

C.        Reservation

1.   Potential users must submit an application to Auxiliary Services. All requests must be approved through the solicitation process by submitting a solicitation form at least two (2) weeks prior to the actual event and/or two (2) weeks prior to announcing an event.  These requests are reviewed by the “Solicitation Team” (usually once a week).  The “Solicitation Team” is comprised of individuals from the Office of Legal Affairs, the Office of Institutional Compliance, Public Affairs and Auxiliary Services with advice from other departments as needed.

The Auxiliary Services Officer has discretion to authorize the use of Special Use Facilities. Should a reservation conflict arise, priority will be given to those activities that promote the university's educational, research, outreach, service, cultural, and recreational programs. Auxiliary Services will confirm availability, provide the potential user with a Facilities Use Agreement, and a copy of the rules that govern the use of the space.

2.   Any user granted permission to use University facilities must assume responsibility for the care and maintenance of those premises during the event. The user will be liable for any damage that may occur in the course of the activity. Proper maintenance of the premises includes not only preservation from damage, but also provision of a thorough cleaning at the conclusion of the activity.

3.   Users who violate University policies and regulations concerning its facilities will be denied access to those facilities and may be subject to criminal prosecution.

D.        Parking

The arrangement and cost for parking associated with the use of university facilities is at the discretion of Auxiliary Services – Parking Services and must be coordinated separately.


    • Auxiliary Services
    • 713-500-8400