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Auxiliary Enterprises Staff

Wes Stewart
Vice President Facilities, Planning, Engineering & Auxiliary Enterprises
Cynthia Collier
Assistant to the Vice President-Chief Auxiliary Enterprises Officer
Traci Harris
Administrative Manager

Auxiliary Enterprises Departments

713-486-4450 (tel)
713-486-4449 (fax)
713-500-5860 (tel)
713-500-0540 (fax)
713-500-5959 (tel)
Cooley Life Center
713-500-8400 (tel)
713-500-8409 (fax)
Dining and Catering
713-500-9103 (tel)
Mail Services
713-500-8115 (tel)
713-500-8117 (fax)
Mobility Program
713-500-8405 (tel)
713-500-8409 (fax)
Parking Services - UCT
713-500-3405 (tel)
713-500-0734 (fax)
Parking Services - UTPB
832-325-7655 (tel)
713-512-2282 (fax)
Recreation Center
713-500-8420 (tel)
713-500-8409 (fax)
Shuttle Services
713-500-8400 (tel)
713-500-8409 (fax)
Student Health & Counseling Services
713-500-5171 (tel)
713-500-0605 (fax)
Student Insurance
713-500-8400 (tel)
713-500-8409 (fax)
University Housing
713-500-8444 (tel)
713-500-8448 (fax)

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We strive to provide the best customer service within our respective departments, and we value your opinion. If there is anything we are missing or you have any suggestions/comments that will help us to help you better, please fill out our Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Official Complaint Policy

While we do encourage feedback via our Customer Satisfaction Survey, we realize that this may not always be an adequate way to resolve a complaint you may have with one of our departments. If you feel you need to pursue a more formal complaint, please read our Complaint Policy and take any and all necessary steps outlined in that policy.