Project Funding

The Student InterCouncil supports educational enhancement and cultural exchange amongst UT students. The purpose of the SIC Project Fund is to provide funds of up to $500 to sponsor well-defined projects proposed by registered student organizations at UTHealth. Each organization may be awarded no more than $500 per academic year.

Selected projects must benefit the student body and should be educational in nature, aiming to enhance students’ knowledge, educational experience and/or cultural exchanges.

After the event is held the SIC requires that an article be submitted to the Student InterCouncil newsletter, providing an overview of the major accomplishments of the project. Funding will not be issued until the article is submitted as requested. Articles are to be submitted to and Cem Dede (

Any advertisement distributed for an event or project funded must show sponsorship by the Student InterCouncil at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston or by including the SIC insignia.

The SIC Will Not Sponsor:
  • Activities in which the main objective is to socialize.
  • Individual projects (students seeking financial support for attending scientific meetings or training are encouraged to apply for the SIC Scholarship Program).
  • Student organizations that are not registered at UTHealth within the fiscal year of the funding request.

Food may be included as part of the project cost and therefore be eligible for funding, depending upon the scope of the project. For instance, a lecture by a guest speaker that includes food as an incentive to increase participation may have food expenses reimbursed. Student organizations are encouraged to use UT vendors when applicable.

Application Instructions

Review and Complete the SIC Funding Application Form.

The SIC Project Funding Committee reviews applications beginning September through April of each academic year. Projects scheduled over the summer months or early September should be submitted prior to April 1st to be considered for funding. All applications must be submitted for approval no later than two months prior to the requested funding date. Late or partially completed applications will not be considered. If the Project Funding Committee has any questions, they will be contacting you through the contact information provided on the application.

To be eligible for funding, the student organization must be currently registered at UTHealth and applicants must submit a completed application form to the treasurer of the Student InterCouncil, Cem Dede ( and

Reimbursement Instructions

The organization MUST submit ORIGINAL receipts of expenditures WITHIN 30 DAYS of the event and NO LATER THAN August 1st of each academic year. If UT facilities are used, an invoice dictated by UT guidelines must also be submitted (i.e. UT printing services, UT catering, UT travel services, etc.). Reimbursement and invoicing procedures can be obtained by contacting Cindy Collier ( in the Auxiliary Enterprises Office, REC 110, phone 713-500-8407.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding SIC project funding, please contact Cem Dede (