Cancer and Artificial Intelligence Research

Biomedical Informatics, Genomics and Translational Cancer Research Training Program (BIG-TCR) Curriculum

All trainees supported by BIG-TCR will be required to accomplish the following curriculum requirements during the first year of appointment:

  1. To attend Responsible Conduct of Research training: According to requirement of CPRIT policy, all predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees must accomplish the NIH Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) course in each school during training period. If a trainee has completed RCR training as a graduate student, or as a postdoc within the last four years (per NOT-OD-10-019), the trainee is required to provide the proof of completion. Or the trainees need to re-take the equivalent RCR course in the current school;
  2. To attend the BMI7151: Seminar in Precision Medicine at least one semester each appointment year.
  3. To enroll in laboratory rotations of the following UTHealth-appointed facilities: the specific rotation procedure will be finalized soon. If you plan to attend rotations in other facilities, please contact to confirm your request. More UTHealth facility information can be found at;
  4. To enroll the “Topics for Artificial intelligence (AI) in Cancer Discovery” in the fall semester. Besides this required course, BIG-TCR training program designed competency-based training to ensure that the development of multifaceted competencies will synergize with the discipline-based curriculum of each school. Predoctoral trainees are suggested to take the courses from complementary fields (for example trainees in the TCR side are suggested to take introduction-level courses in the BIG side, and vice versa).

    If you want to consult the course, please email the BIG-TCR Executive Committee to confirm.

Currently Approved Interdisciplinary Competency Courses and Enrichment Activities

Course ID of each school: SBMI (BMIxxxx), GSBS (GSxxxxx), and SPH (PHMxxxx)

If you have any concerns regarding the current curriculum, do not hesitate to contact us (