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Stallings' Passion for Driving Change

MPH Healthcare management graduate on the driving force behind his public health journey

Photo of Tony Stallings
Stallings' Passion for Driving Change
Stallings' Passion for Driving Change

Master of Public Health (MPH) student Tony Stallings has spent his time at UTHealth Houston School of Public Health anticipating the start of his career to uplift community health. 

From an early age, Stallings recognized the limitations and inequities that affect the health quality of millions across the U.S. As an MPH student, Stallings plans to address these issues by completing his degree in Healthcare Management in May 2024. 

“Growing up, I witnessed the inequalities and limited access to healthcare services that marginalized communities face throughout the country,” said Stallings. “I saw firsthand how adverse social determinants of health affected my family and others. Being able to address these disparities in healthcare by shaping policies, programs, and initiatives on a larger scale solidified my desire in pursuing a career in healthcare administration.” 

Driven by this purpose, he has spent his time at the School of Public Health preparing to enter the field with the perspective and devotion to improving health for all. Stallings has held many roles at the school, all of which have left a profound mark in his tenure. To prepare for his future, Stallings has served as a leading member of The Cupboard, a school-based food resource offered to address food insecurity among students and staff. Stallings has also served on The Board: A Leadership Management Student Association, the student association, and as a member of the Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE-SETC.) 

A significant proponent in public health and an issue close to Stalling’s passion for pursuing a degree in public health is improving access to resources and improving the disparities felt across communities. His involvement with The Cupboard has had a profound impact on seeing firsthand the efforts of providing necessities to goods that some may take advantage of, from food to hygienic products, first aid, and other items donated from food banks in the school community.

“Witnessing the tangible impact of the pantry in addressing food security has given me a sense of accomplishment and purpose here at the school,” he said. He hopes to make the same impact after graduation, where he strives to use his education to cast a broader net to improve the healthcare system and increase access to health services. 

“It is incredibly rewarding to know that I will be able to enhance the quality of patient care and experience, and advocate for health equity. One of the most challenging issues I anticipate is navigating the complex and constantly evolving structure of healthcare delivery in the United States.” 

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