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Healthy Living Resources

Healthy Living Resources

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Wondr Health (formally Naturally Slim)

This program focuses on habits and behaviors instead of counting calories and restrictive diets.  Eating mindfully and only eating when you are hungry are important.  If you take the time to create these successful habits you will be able to enjoy any food, feel full, and lose weight!


This program pairs you with a group and a life coach and it encourages you to weigh yourself with the wireless smart scale it provides.  The weights are sent to the Omada Team and you work with your coach and group to help to get to a healthy weight.


This program helps with Diabetes and blood pressure .  They will send you a blood pressure monitor which you are encouraged to use.  The results are sent to Livongo and you interact with a coach and are provided training materials and can connect for some tile training with the Livongo Team.


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