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FY23 Chair Looks Forward to a Year of Opportunity

FY23 Chair Looks Forward to a Year of Opportunity

Since March 2020 the world and the way we do business has drastically changed. By now, all of us are pretty well versed in attending and hosting virtual events and meetings, but I am sure many of us are also ready to gather together and see colleagues in person. As we begin the new fiscal year I have the privilege of serving as the Chair of the University Classified Staff Council (UCSC). I would like to thank Lexus Bradford for all of her hard work and dedication to classified staff members this past fiscal year. I would also like to thank our outgoing UCSC representatives for their commitment and hard work during their time on the council. In addition I would like to welcome all our new UCSC representatives. Whether you are new to the council or are returning for another term, the work we do here continues to be important. 

My goal this year is to continue where Lexus left off and help to build a community of giving. I would like to do another donation drive and give back to a local charity. However, I would also like to spread the good work being done on the University Classified Staff Council and that means I need your help! We gather as a council every month to get insights and learn about initiatives happening around the medical center and within UTHealth Houston. These meetings are important for everyone to attend. It is imperative that each person take back information from these meetings to their school/operating unit to keep everyone informed with all the happenings and any updates that come from these meetings. All of the work that you do helps further the mission of the university and all of your contributions help to bring success to all of UTHealth Houston.

We look forward to a year full of activities in Fiscal Year 23. Especially as we plan to get together again for in-person gatherings! I plan for us to officially start gathering together starting with the October 12th meeting. There will always be a virtual option provided for those that are not able to attend the meeting in person, but I would love for everyone to get together and be in the same room whenever possible as I think it makes the work we do that much more successful.

Each of the five committees will no doubt set goals to do amazing things and I am excited to see how we can expand our reach and make an impact within the institution. 

I look forward to the meaningful work to be accomplished this year, and welcome your input and support as we begin another year!

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