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May 2023 Brown Bag Session

May 2023 Brown Bag Session

HR Interview and Resume Writing Tips

Recruiters take 8-10 seconds to assess a candidate’s suitability for a job. It is important your resume is well crafted to maximize your chances of success. A resume is typically 1-2 pages long and it includes your name and contact information at the top, followed by a summary of strengths, skills, expertise, and unique qualifications. Work experience should be listed in chronological order with dates and job titles, highlighting accomplishments. Education, certificates, and licensure should be included with relevant dates. If still in school, indicate it is in process. Save document as PDF for the best format.

In preparing for an interview, research the company and understand the job role. Prepare at least three selling points about why you are a good fit and have examples of past accomplishments. Be ready to ask insightful questions about the role, its success metrics, and benchmarks. Present yourself professionally, maintain a positive attitude, and focus on your achievements. Turn any negative experiences into learning opportunities. Send a thank-you note after the interview and avoid discussing salary until an offer letter is presented. For a successful virtual interview, ensure proper lighting with the light source facing you, a tidy and distraction-free background, and a suitable indoor location. Utilize flattering camera angles and remember to smile when speaking.

Wearing the right colors can also create a positive impression in a job interview.  Conservative colors like blue and black are safe choices, with blue being the most trustworthy and navy blue being the most reliable for securing a job. Grey indicates analytical thinking, white represents organization, brown signifies dependability, and red conveys leadership and passion. On the other hand, green, yellow, and purple are suitable for creative jobs, while orange and pink are deemed unprofessional. By understanding and applying these tips, you can significantly improve your chances of securing a job.

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