How Clutter Affects Your Wellbeing

Desk with clutter on top

Adonna Braly, certified professional organizer, was the guest speaker at the final virtual session of UCSC’s FY21 Annual Workshop, which focused on “Whole Health: Mind, Body, and Soul.” Braly has helped countless people take back control of their lives through the art of decluttering. 

Early in the session, Braly shared a key message about clutter.

“What I want to establish here at the beginning of this presentation is that the spaces that you surround yourself with really do affect how you feel and what you think and that it has a direct impact on your subconscious, contributing to your emotions and perceptions,” she said. 

Throughout the presentation, UTHealth employees were able to better understand the various types of clutter in their lives, which Braly lists as physical, mental, and emotional. Braly went a step further to tell attendees the various reasons clutter may build up in our lives and ended with numerous suggestions on how to keep the different kinds of clutter organized so it doesn’t build up. 

To bolster attendees to achieve their organizational goals, Braly inspires each attendee with the statement, “Don’t procrastinate y’all, just don’t,” a statement that was met with many head nods and determination to do better.

You can read more about this exciting presentation on Inside UTHealth. To watch a recording of the presentation, use the following link and password.

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